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Under Profile tab in employee profile view, there is “Update Profile” option.


  1.  If you don’t have any qualifications added you can add qualifications from the left of your screen. Clicking on it will lead you to add your first qualification. An auto-complete text box  will appear.
  2. Type in your qualification, if it is already present in the data base, the qualification will appear in the drop down below. You can  select the qualification and add it to your profile. AddQualifications_2
  3. However, if the qualification isn’t present  in the data base, You can simply  type in their qualification and hit enter. A new qualification will be created in the data base and it will be added to your profile at the same time.
  4. After selecting the qualification, you can give it a score. This will be the final grade you have earned for that qualification.
  5. In the next field the you must enter the name of their institution from which you earned that qualification.
  6. In the start date and end date fields, you must state the duration in which you earned the qualification by supplying the start and end date of their degree program.
  7. In the description text-area you can give a short description of the qualification you have earned.
  8. Click on the save button to add new qualification.