Adding New Skills

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Adding New Skills

Highlight your versatile skill set to get noticed!

  1. Select Update Profile from the Profile tab located on the top of your Careerz360 page.
  2. To add skills click on the Plus icon.

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  3. Type in your skill in the text field provided, if it is present in the data base the skill will appear in the drop down below. You can select the skill and add it to your profile.
  4. However, if the skill isn’t present in the data base, you can simply type in your skill and hit enter. A new skill will be created in the data base and it will be added to your profile at the same time.
  5. After selecting the skill, you can give it a score out of 10. This will mark your proficiency in that particular skill.
  6. Click on the Save button to update the changes made to your skills.